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David Clark Flight Deck Helmet Assembly

  • Provides impact protection while using hearing protectors or noise-attenuating headsets
  • One-size-fits-all helmet liner constructed of cotton/polyester and nylon mesh, permits excellent ventilation and long-term comfort
  • Helmet liner is available in dark brown or khaki
  • Assembly components include a suspension liner, front and back shell assembly and energy-absorbing impact pads
  • Hook & pile fastener chin strap allows easy on and off while assuring a secure fit
  • Injection-molded helmet shells are available in white, black, brown, blue, green, red, yellow and purple

Flight Deck/Ground Support Helmet

Variety of Flight Deck Crew Colors for Designations

Impact Protection for David Clark Headset Users

Product Bulletin


Front Shell Assembly
Part Numbers 22589G-01 thru -08

page1image1040873920 page1image1040874208

Protective Pad Assembly Front Part Number 22494G-01

Sun, Wind, And Dust Goggles Part Number 13223P-01

Standard Size Hearing Protector or David Clark Company Communication Headset

page1image1040896336 page1image1040896752 page1image1040897040 page1image1040897328 page1image1040897920

Protective Pad Assembly Back Part Number 22493G-01

Back Shell Assembly
Part Numbers 22590G-01 thru -08

page1image1040911056 page1image1040911344 page1image1040911952 page1image1040912496

Cloth Helmet Assembly
Part Numbers 10792G-02 thru -04 or 18636G-11

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Fax: 508-753-5827

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Made in USA

19525P-35 (03-18)


David Clark P/N

National Stock No.

Item Description

10792G-02 10792G-03 10792G-04

One Size Fits All:



22493G-01 22494G-01

22589G-01 22589G-02 22589G-03 22589G-04 22589G-05 22589G-06 22589G-07 22589G-08

22590G-01 22590G-02 22590G-03 22590G-04 22590G-05 22590G-06 22590G-07 22590G-08

8415-00-071-8785 8415-00-071-8786 8415-00-071-8787

One Size Fits All:



8415-00-178-6830 8415-00-178-6831


8415-00-178-7013 8415-00-601-6894 8415-00-601-6903 8415-00-601-6904 8415-00-601-6939 8415-00-601-7056 8415-00-602-7071


8415-00-178-6855 8415-00-604-0263 8415-00-608-4216 8415-00-610-4172 8415-00-610-7171 8415-00-610-9526 8415-00-611-0416

Helmet Assy. 7 Helmet Assy. 7 1⁄4 Helmet Assy. 7 1⁄2

One Size Fits All:

Helmet Assy. Khaki


Prot. Pad Assy. Back Prot. Pad Assy. Front

Front Shell Assy. Black Front Shell Assy. Brown Front Shell Assy. Blue Front Shell Assy. Green Front Shell Assy. Red Front Shell Assy. Yellow Front Shell Assy. White Front Shell Assy. Purple

Back Shell Assy. Black Back Shell Assy. Brown Back Shell Assy. Blue Back Shell Assy. Green Back Shell Assy. Red Back Shell Assy. Yellow Back Shell Assy. White Back Shell Assy. Purple