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Welcome to the new ASE website. We are continuously adding new brands and products daily!
Welcome to the new ASE website. Expect new brands and products daily!

TRI-SAR SURFACE Harness with Integrated Vest, USN


The TRI-SAR SURFACE is LSC’s rescue harness designed for surface rescue swimmers with dual recovery capability.  The TRI-SAR line of harnesses was the  first harness designed to combine the security of a full body harness, comfort of a seat harness and safety of integrated flotation.  The surface swimmer model includes a swimmer’s attachment point V-Ring to secure vessel-based rescuers to a tender line for safety and recovery options. The full body harness is constructed primarily of mil-spec type 8 and type 13 nylon webbing and features LSC’s exclusive low profile, quick adjusting stainless steel hardware. The TRI-SAR incorporates LSC’s operationally proven techniques in weight distribution for superior comfort without the use of heavy, bulky pads.  The harness hoists in a seated position with the leg and waist straps supporting the rescuer, allowing them to have total use of both hands during rapid deployment type rescues in swift water, cold water, and cliff rescue missions. The integrated flotation vest features a low profile easy to swim in design, with user variable buoyancy up to 35 lbs.  Flotation cell is encased entirely in a heavy weight, puncture/abrasion-resistant nylon case.  Due to its encased design, the cell requires no repacking after use; simply deflate. Inflated manually with CO2 or orally with air.  Generous storage pockets for critical rescue and emergency equipment are provided. Utilizes a 33-gram CO2 cylinder (LSC #484).


Black Large (487-LB-S), Black Medium (487-MB-S), Black XL (487-XLB-S), Black XXL (487-XXB-S)